I am sad to announce that BOSTON lost a valued long time member of our extended family this week, our good friend ML Procise.  As our front of house mixer, he took on responsibility for BOSTON’s live sound in 1987 for what became our biggest tour ever.

But he was much more than a great live sound technician, ML was a presence that commanded automatic respect and admiration without any pretense.  Always leading with a friendly smile, his good natured jovial persona brought an overpowering warmth whenever he entered the room.  To every one who knew him he was just “ML,” the initials needing no further explanation or introduction, he was the one and only.

ML enjoyed life, and one of things he enjoyed was basketball, or just “ball” in ML lexicon.  At my introduction to ML back in 1987 when he was pitching his company’s sound system to me, one of the first things he said was that he knew someone who claimed he had played ball with me.  I answered that it was doubtful.  Not one to mince words ML added, “He says you’re a ball hog,” at which point I had to admit that he undoubtedly must have played ball with me after all.  We hired the sound system and ML twenty-eight years ago, and I have been thankful ever since for the many ways knowing ML enriched my life and the lives of those connected with BOSTON. Thank you ML, you will be missed.

~Tom Scholz