In March, BOSTON was presented with the Legend Award at the 5th Annual Limelight Magazine Music Awards held at the Rock Junction in Coventry, RI. The Legend Award honors bands that originated in New England that have been at it for at least 25 years. It’s hard to believe that it’s been thirty seven years since the debut album was first heard on the airwaves!


Thanks to Jason Kenney & Katie Botelho at Limelight for their devotion to promoting New England musicians, recognizing the heart, soul and passion that it takes to pursue their craft, and to all of the fans who support them! “When we solicited nominations for the Legend Award in early January, the overwhelming majority recommended BOSTON. We are very pleased to present this award to them this year,” stated Kenney. Gary Pihl says, “We’ve all grown up listening to our own legends like Chuck Berry and Eric Clapton, it’s a real honor that someone is looking up to us as a musical influence.” Tom was very humbled by the award, and said, ” I don’t really feel very legendary, but I sure do appreciate all those people who recognize the effort that has gone into BOSTON’s music over the years … thank you.”

In addition to having friendly staff, great food and local and national acts performing live, the Rock Junction which hosted the awards surprised Tom and Gary with a unique piece of BOSTON history … as they took the stage to accept the award they stood in front of the drum riser that was used on 5 BOSTON tours! The riser was so large, a new stage was constructed to accommodate it. Rumor has it that drummers performing at the club love it … it’s big! The acoustics are surprisingly good at this venue, you can actually hear the people on stage as well as the ones next to you.