Secret Life

The ‘Secret Life’ of science nerds

By Mark Shanahan GLOBE STAFF OCTOBER 18, 2015

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The PBS Web series “The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers” hosted an event at the Kendall Square Theater the other night as part of the Arlington International Film Festival. Emceed by “Secret Life of Scientists” executive producer Joshua Seftel and producer Tom Miller, the get-together included short films and a talk show-style conversation with some notable science nerds, including guitarist (and MIT grad) Tom Scholz of the band Boston, biologist (and former Miss Massachusetts) Erika Ebbel, experimental psychologist Steven Pinker, celebrated psycholinguist Jean Berko Gleason, roboticist Colin Angle, string theorist Jim Gates, and Alzheimer’s researcher (and occasional Aerosmith keyboardist) Rudy Tanzi.

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From left: Paula S. Apsell, senior executive producer of “Nova”; Tom Scholz and his wife, Kim; Steven Pinker.

We’ve got a terrific crew!

Last Friday night we played the Festival of the Lakes in Hammond, Indiana. It was a warm mid-summer night and the sold-out crowd was lively from the moment we hit the stage. They were on their feet, singing along with all the songs and then the rain came. It came down hard like it does on a midwest summer night but the crowd stayed and kept rockin’ so we did too! We were getting just as wet as the fans and so were our instruments and gear. Luckily, the lightening stayed off in the distance and we were able to finish the show and watch the after-show fireworks display. 

rain_shotOur crew really went to work to keep the gear as dry as possible both during and after the show. With their extra effort, all the gear came on and worked perfectly at the show the next night in Battle Creek! We’ve so lucky to have a great group of men an women who give 110% all the time to make this tour possible.