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Tom is going to be featured in this incredible series Soundbreaking, where he talks about the making of BOSTON.  Tom will be on tonight’s episode, November 15, the second in an 8-part series.  Watch tonight on PBS 10/9c (check local listings)
Charting a century’s worth of innovation and experimentation in the creation of music, SOUNDBREAKING offers a behind-the-scenes look at the birth of brand new sounds.  As Sir George Martin’s final project, the series combines unprecedented access to some of the most celebrated music artists, producers and innovators with rare archival studio footage and an extensive musical soundtrack, to deliver one of the most wide-ranging series on the art of music recording literally ever.

A Wild Success


I want to thank everyone for making our 40th Anniversary Tour the best BOSTON tour ever! Our enthusiastic fans who filled so many sold-out venues to cheer us on, the band members for their dedicated efforts to perform at their peak for every show, and our amazing crew who worked tirelessly every day to bring our production to such a wide variety of venues, often under extreme conditions. In 40 years of playing BOSTON music for our fans, this was the most amazing live experience I’ve ever had with the BOSTON family and our fans.

I know I speak for everyone in the band and crew when I say there is nothing more exciting and elevating than hearing the crowd come to life when we open the show with those first songs – and nothing so fulfilling as the respect and appreciation from our audience at the end of the night. I’ve said it many times and will say it again; BOSTON audiences are the best rock audiences ever.

The two hour show represented the culmination of enormous effort and sacrifice on so many people’s part. It was the end result of 6 months of exhausting work, seemingly impossible obstacles, and unforeseeable challenges – and that was all before we stepped on to a stage for the first time this spring! But it was worth it for so many reasons. Not only did hundreds of thousands of people have a great time escaping everyday life for an evening with BOSTON, we collectively have helped to make the world a little bit better place. In addition to everyone having a great time, the proceeds enable the continuation of yearly charitable contributions, plus we have raised $164,655.00 to be donated to our specific charitable organization beneficiary for this tour, The Humane League.

In past tours we have raised funds for specific charities as diverse as The National Hospice Organization, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and Shriners Hospital for Children – all organizations working to reduce suffering. This year’s organization, The Humane League, was chosen because of the immense importance of their message, not only because they are committed to ending extraordinary needless suffering, but also because the fate of the world as we know it quite probably hangs in the balance. If global warming, water pollution, food born disease, world hunger, your own health, or most importantly the horrifying treatment of animals that goes on behind closed doors is of any importance to you, then I urge you to visit or one of the many other organizations we support (listed on We can all do so much simply by the things we decide NOT to do!

I am already getting excited about next year’s shows, but for now I have to clean up the workroom where the lightning bolts were born (it used to be my garage), do some serious weed maintenance around my house, and find my skates in the rubble that was once my workshop. Hope to see you all again in 2017!

Walk On,

Tom Scholz

August 15, 2016

August 15, 2016

Tonight is the final show of our 2016 40th Anniversary Tour back in Boston where it all started. All of us in the band feel these live performances have been our best yet and this final show is the culmination of a fantastic tour we should be celebrating wildly. Except for one extremely sad fact; one our closest associates for over 30 years, and a dear friend of mine, will not be there to see it. Five days ago William F. Clack, an integral part of BOSTON’s technical team, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

Bill was one of the few people I considered a true friend in all senses of the word, and someone I admired greatly. He was much more than just an indispensible engineer that made it possible to take the idea for the wall of electronics behind BOSTON from rough sketches to realitiy, he was an exemplary human being.

WFCHe chose principle over personal gain. He had empathy for all living things and put other’s happiness above his own. He was a dedicated father and husband. He enjoyed all that life had to offer and seldom had a negative word to say about anyone. He had an insatiable scientific curiosity and inspiring determination to learn and understand how and why all things happened. And while I am left searching for an answer to why such a good man was taken at such an unitimely moment in his life, I take some comfort in the thought that he lived his life better than anyone I have ever known. We will all miss you Bill.

Tom Scholz for BOSTON

40th Anniversary Tour Has Begun!

The 40th Anniversary Tour has officially begun! 

hardrockWhat a way to start the tour, three sold out shows for terrific fans, friends and family!

We’ll be doing about 50 shows in 100 days, so we’ll be moving fast and furious. (sorry, it’s such a good line I had to use it)

As a musician, when you get the chance to make an album, you’re just hoping it will be liked enough to get  “15 minutes of fame”. The fact that so many people still want to hear us play those songs 40 years later really proves what a great job Tom did writing, playing, engineering and producing that first record. All of us in the band are proud to be able to play the songs that mean so much to so many fans, young and old. Looking out into the audience and seeing everyone smiling and singing along is the best feeling (more than a feeling, really) that any musician can have! Rock on!
~ Gary Pihl

Second Show Added in Boston


Boston, MA (April 2, 2016) – Citi Performing Arts Center and MSG Entertainment announced today that due to overwhelming demand, legendary American rock band, BOSTON, has added a second show at the Wang Theatre on Monday, August 15. The previously announced show on Sunday, August 14 is sold out. These will be the first BOSTON concerts in decades in their namesake city. Tickets for the newly added August 15 show are on sale now.The 40th anniversary BOSTON tour promises to be a celebration honoring the group’s loyal fans, where they can expect to hear all the classic songs they have grown to love. Many of them have supported BOSTON since 1976 when their debut album, Boston, first hit the airwaves and took rock radio by storm, so it’s not surprising to see concert audiences that span generations. Always a huge crowd pleaser with their high-energy stage shows, out-of-this-world sound, and remarkable musicianship and singing, BOSTON prides itself on performing a totally live show without the use of pre-recorded music or technical enhancements, delivering the extraordinary sound that is faithful to their studio recordings.  Tom Scholz also promises some amazing new electrifying visuals that will surprise and delight BOSTON’s fans.

“I’m very excited to bring BOSTON back to Boston,” said founder, chief songwriter and producer Tom Scholz. “Music broadcast from Boston got me interested in rock when I was in high school living in Toledo, Ohio. Later, studying and working in this city taught me everything I needed to know to create BOSTON’s sound in my studio. Our home town fans have always been great, and I could think of no better way to end our 40th Anniversary Tour than back here in Boston where it all started.”

2016 Tour

We are all looking forward to hitting the road this summer and playing all the classic hits, with a few new additions to the setlist for you! Joining Tom Scholz on stage will be 30-year veteran and right-hand-man Gary Pihl on guitar, keyboards and vocals, Tommy DeCarlo on lead vocals, keys and percussion, Tracy Ferry on bass and vocals, Beth Cohen on keys, vocals and guitar. Keeping the beat on drums will be Curly Smith who will kick off the tour on April 29th through June 12, and Jeff Neal will play for the second half of the tour beginning June 23.

Calling All Artists


firstalbumEnter our contest to have your artwork on BOSTON’s merchandise this summer!
It’s been 4 decades since BOSTON’s debut album Boston hit the airwaves, and we’re celebrating with a tour.  We are looking for a 70s-inspired graphic that will honor the iconic spaceship artwork, BOSTON logo, or 4 Decades theme.  
The winner will receive $1,000 plus a pair of tickets and backstage passes to a show of their choice on this summer’s tour, plus their artwork will appear on some of BOSTON’s merchandise this summer.  Two other artists will each receive a pair of tickets and backstage passes to a show of their choice.  
Deadline for submissions is March 23, 2016.
 Please send your artwork to:
 Please click here for official rules:  OFFICIAL RULES
We look forward to seeing all of your creativity!  Winning artwork will be announced on and