Wow, half way through the tour already! It’s been a blast and I feel like we’re just getting started. Highlights so far? Every show! Last night Tommy jumped into the audience so he could sing a verse with the fans who were singing along. The night before, it rained like crazy but everyone stayed for the whole show with smiles on their faces. The night before that, Tracy pulled a funny “Spinal Tap” moment when he pretended to be stuck on his knees during his bass solo. He called our bass tech, Jerry, out on stage to help lift him up. We were all cracking up! 

Thanks for writing in to our Facebook page to let us know what songs we should be doing that we haven’t played for a while. We hadn’t done “ I Need Your Love” since 2003 and Tommy and Beth have made it a standout duet. Curly Smith was terrific on drums for the first 9 shows. Jeff finished his school year so he pulled the “tag team” switch. Several fans wrote in to ask how Tom and Gary can play so well in sync on those guitar harmonies. 30 years of practice, I guess!

Hope to see you soon!

Gary Pihl