What a journey we had this summer. We got to play some places that we’d never been to or hadn’t been to in quite a while like Quebec, New Orleans and Nassau. Some fantastic venues like Saratoga Mountain in California, the Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, and the Sunfest Amphitheater in Florida. And we had some stellar bands at some shows, so we got to be part of the audience for a while and enjoyed a night under the stars with great music from The Doobie Brothers, Night Ranger, Blue Oyster Cult, Starship, Pat Travers, Kansas, Loverboy, Don Felder and more. 
Did I mention that the audiences were terrific?!! Smiling and singing along with all the songs from the debut “BOSTON” album (a fan even brought an 8 track tape for us to sign!) to the latest CD, “Life, Love & Hope.” We had some very nice compliments on our Facebook page about how the “sound was better than the records.” Someone even walked up to our sound engineer after a show and gave him a $20 tip! I’ve never heard of that happening before!
Many thanks to all the people; the crew, the stage hands, and of course, the best fans in the world, who made it possible for us to play the songs we love!
~ Gary Pihl