“What the critics are saying”

Boston still has what it takes to rock And best of all, it didn’t sound overly familiar. It didn’t sound tired. It didn’t sound done. Rather, songs as recognizable as “Peace of Mind” and “More Than a Feeling” seemed fresh, energized and even surprising … ON MILWAUKEE

The main event, BOSTON, lived up to their top of the bill standing. They once again proved why they are the most underrated live act that I have seen. Studio recordings of Boston music are great enough in their own right, but seeing them in a live setting, really makes one appreciate what they are witnessing. The sheer musicianship that comes together during their many extended instrumental pieces should make any real music fan bow in Wayne’s World fashion saying “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!” … Chad Hobbs, Columbus EXAMINER

Guitarist and founding member Tom Scholz is still on the top of his game, and vocalist Tommy DeCarlo sounds so similar to deceased vocalist Brad Delp one can’t help but imagine it is Delp’s voice itself roaring through the speakers … THE ORANGE LEADER

Just saw them in Grand Prairie. My goodness I can’t even describe how incredible they were. Best concert I have ever seen … LAYNA GRAY HARVEY

The Boston hits came one after another starting with “Rock N Roll Band” and ending the night an hour and half later with everyone’s favorite – “PARTY” … with stellar musicianship by Scholz and company … GET AMPED Magazine

Tom Scholz is Magic! … JOHN PAUL PELLETIER

Tom is the Man! And BOSTON is the most feel good band there ever was! Lyrics, Music, Performances, etc. Rock on!!! … DUSTIN R. AUCKLAND

Panama City show was extreme! You guys rock!… DANNY BAIN

What a great concert you put on last night. Will not soon forget it!! Thanks for the good memories made past and present … DIANA SIMMONS RICHARD

Boston at its best. All the favorites, virtually indistinguishable from the recordings. Mr Scholz is a master musician/composer/arranger/technician. He has managed to collect a group of musicians (some from the old days, some from the not so old days) who recreated his musical vision incredibly well. It is one thing to make music like that in the studio, with all the benefits of digital recording. It is another to see and hear it reproduced live. As a musician myself, I was astounded to see the performance of so many pieces so well executed. As a fan, I had a ball listening to those old classic songs … TICKETMASTER REVIEWIER

Boston was awesome!!! This band knows how to put on a show. The addition of David Victor to the band did them justice. Tommy DeCarlo pays tribute to the late Brad Delp with his own flare! …TICKETMASTER REVIEWER

Baseball caps off to Tommy DeCarlo, the current lead singer for the band for filling the big cleats of Bradley Delp who unfortunately took his own life in 2007. Having never seen the band live I was skeptical at what the vocals would sound like. Delp had a unique voice and style that contributed to the bands iconic sound. DeCarlo hit it out of the park as far as I am concerned and hit every note and captured the spirit of Delp on each song. … BSD MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT BLOG